New Members

As a new member you will greatly increase your enjoyment if you do some cycling beforehand and to increase your fitness. 

If you haven’t cycled much or need to improve your fitness, start with short spins of 15-25km and steadily increase the distance and pace to 30km with some hills.

Some applicants with demonstrable advanced group riding skills and fitness may be better suited to the B or A Spin groups.

Hard shell helmets and road bikes with dropped handlebars are mandatory.

Check out our Club Spin page for information on club spins & requirements – etiquette and technique before coming out.

What do i do if i want to join?

Please contact a committee member and let them know you are looking to join.

Then click here to Join the Club and Cycling Ireland.

As a member, you can avail of various discounts and 3rd party insurance.


The main means of communication is via the club’s Slack app.

All members can post general queries here.

Members may not be automatically given access to Slack, so please contact a committee member.

Bike Like Me is Cycling Ireland’s overarching campaign to inspire more women and girls to discover cycling and feel confident on their bikes. The Cycling Ireland led campaign aligns with Sport Ireland’s Policy on Women in Sport which intends to address four target areas – Active Participation, Coaching and Officiating, Visibility and Leadership and Governance.

We share the belief that welcoming more women and girls into the cycling community will be a positive development for all are encouraged to back the campaign on social media using the hashtag #ibike.

Through the Bike Like Me campaign, Cycling Ireland will support women and girls in becoming active and valued members of the cycling community,

Club membership has re-opened for 2022.